Social Dance Buttons

handmade buttons
Maartje de Goede, 2018

A set of ten totally handmade 32mm buttons, about social dancing. The designs are inspired by my own experiences in the folk world and stories from dance scenes like tango, blues, contra, you name it; a lot of it is amazing, and some things could be better. Let's celebrate diversity and inclusion in dance (as well as life)!

Please fill in the order form if you want some!

Costs: Since equal pay is not a thing yet, there's a discount option for those who can't afford more. Please let me know if you want to make use of it.

Single button: €1,50 (or 1,-)
Any five: €6,- (or 4,50)
Set of all ten: €10,- (or 8)

Or come and pick 'm up at a festival, where the price is always €1,- ;)

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