Creative Direction, Graphic Design
For: Political party BIJ1, 2021

In the summer of 2020, I started working in the Creative Direction team of political party BIJ1. I had been fascinated by the party for a few years already - but after the BLM protests, and backlash, in the Netherlands I felt like I had to do more. Regular politics weren't gonna change this messed up system that normalizes racism, homo- and transphobia, the ever increasing class difference and so much more. So I signed up as one of many volunteers, to help them get a seat at the table. Which they got in the elections of 2021!

I helped Buro Braak develop the visual identity by making a brand identity manual, worked on flyer and poster designs, brainstormed creative campaign ideas, and did design and editorial work for the Party Programme. Pictures by Buro Braak.