Data patterns

Wallpaper Design
For: Artis Amsterdam, 2014

Awarded a Best Client Award from the Dutch Design Awards, 2014

I made these two wallpaper designs out of a series of four for the Artis zoo in Amsterdam, commissioned by Pavel van Houten. In the summer of 2013 a whole group of volunteers counted all the leaves and charted all the branches and details of a couple of trees growing in the zoo. I visualised this data as patterns that fit the 19th-century rooms where the wallpaper is seen, but at the same time it can be read as an infographic on how trees grow, to make it educative as well as aesthetic.

Seen at
Dream Out Loud, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (2017)
LIVE Gallery Talk (2016)
Royal Opening Micropia (2014)
AVRO Kunstuur (2014)