De Meefietslijn

Social Design Intervention
For: Fietsersbond, 2020

Read our interview with the Fietsersbond (NL)

Feeling socially unsafe while cycling at night is hardly discussed, while it has a major impact on many (especially women). Some people decide not to live in a certain area, miss out on social activities or have to choose more expensive means of transport. Cycling alone in the dark still is a privilege.

De Meefietslijn is a hotline with telephonic assistance for everyone that doesn't feel safe while cycling alone at night. Through the phone, we're cycling next to you to make you feel more protected. While cycling, we're interviewing you about your experiences with feeling (and being!) unsafe on the bike.

While we strongly believe just 'cycling together' is not the systemic solution that we need (looking at you, police), it's a great tool to start a conversation.

To Be Continued..

In collaboration with Lisa Strijbosch
Photography: Anna van Kooij