De Participatie Praktijk

Social Design
For: ArtEZ Arnhem, 2014

Inspired by the annual King's Speech in 2013, which said the Netherlands are going to change from a welfare state to a participation society, Maartje started to critically investigate in what way that would affect Dutch citizens. Predicted issues, such as loneliness, unemployment and lack of support, are 'solved' by her Participation Practice with a growing collection of inventions that are easily made by citizens with home supplies. The inventions and ideas are collected on a website (, where citizens can download a manual with a solution for each problem, and can share their own solutions - as an archive of ironic feedback on governmental decisions.

Seen at
BREAK, Artez Finals (2014),
Smart Designed Solutions (2015),
Radical Reframing (2016),
Hacking Habitat (2016)