Eigen Talentenjacht

Social Design
For: No Academy, 2017

No Academy is a post-academic research lab that links art and design to social problems. They bring together artists and organizations who believe that the autonomous position of art best comes into its own in a social context, in a relationship with public and private parties.

During a practical program of 12 months, artists, designers, partners and other parties directly involved go through a method with which fixed problems can be approached in a new way (reframing).

During my year, we focused on what makes teenagers in Arnhem 'fall through the cracks' of the system, and how to help them feel more like a part of society. My team developed a tutorial series on how to discover and show your hidden talents, outside of school work. The participants learned how to make their own professional vlogs to show their talent, which is proven to help with self worth and gives them a way to present their skills that has nothing to do with school grades.