Elfia Program

Magazine & Information Design
Elfia Festival, 2017 - 2018

Program booklet design for Elfia; a Fantasy festival that aims to welcome and respect everybody. Since I was twelve, I used to go there every year with my rag tag group of alternative friends. It always was one of the best weekends! I remember seeing all their artwork and thinking 'one day I want to work for places like this one'. Years later, when I finished art school, I decided to send them a message right after the festival weekend saying I thought their time table could have been designed better. They thought so too, and hired me on the spot!

'You'll Never Dream Alone.'

'In Elfia you are who you are, but the amazing thing is: you can also become whoever you want to be. An angel or a devil; a fairy or an evil princess; a romantic pirate or a divine entity. Everything is possible and all your dreams can become reality.' - Elfia