Climate art education
For: Klimaatmuseum, 2022

We've known it for a long time: climate change has major consequences for humans, animals and nature. We also know the cause. Yet we do far too little to solve it. Knowledge of facts is apparently not enough to get us to change the systems we live and work in.

A lot of creativity and imagination is needed to let the urgency sink in in this part of the world. Klimaatmuseum believes that artists can help. We can make the climate crisis more transparent and tangible through new, inspiring and stimulating perspectives. Because only when we can imagine an alternative, sustainable world can we create that world.

I’m one of the artists involved with Klimaatmuseum. We go to elementary and high schools with Klimaatmakers; a game that inspires kids to develop a creative climate solution: a Climate Invention. As an artist, I guide the kids in creating an artistic prototype of their invention.

From a vacuum cleaner that vacuums the seabed to prevent sea level rise, to a lightning-fast car that runs on banana peels, to a jacket for trees so that they cannot be cut down. Some more realistic than others, but everything makes you think about how things could be radically different. And maybe that's exactly what we need.