Kop in 't Zand

Art installation
Utrecht, 2021

Kop in 't Zand is an interactive art installation about the overwhelming and personal feelings that come up around the topic of climate change. It's a theatric journey, that helps you reconnect with the earth and mostly with yourself. Hide from your feelings, listen to the earth, listen to eachother, unhide, and get reborn. Under professional care of our Climate Therapists.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the sad news about climate change. A lot of us feel like we cannot do anything right. Everything is awful so why bother. Have you ever had that thought? Ever felt like you just wanted to escape this whole mess and enter a blissful state of ignorance, if only for a short while? We're gonna give you that -- and more.

In collaboration with Lisa Strijbosch
Photography by Paul Buckley
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