Streets of the Future

Guerilla Project
Utrecht, 2020

Where would you want to live in the future? A world that has been horribly affected by climate change, or one where governments stepped up their game and did something about it, in time?

This Guerilla art project, by Lisa Strijbosch and me, gives the people of the city of Utrecht a choice between two futures in sometimes painfully hilarious new street name proposals. There’s the green future; where we’re using only sustainable sources and changed our lifestyle and politics, and then there’s the not-so-green one; where we kept on doing what we’re currently doing (not nearly enough).

With the help of some climate activists that love a bit of civil disobedience, we climbed street posts, bridges and walls in the middle of the night to put up our alternative street signs. And apparently the municipality liked them, because some have been up there for weeks!

As seen in the news:
Down To Earth Magazine – Milieudefensie